Update on Jerusalem Presentation

We wanted to update you and thank you for your prayers and encouragement regarding the presentation/workshop that took place in Jerusalem this past Saturday.

There was a good turnout, with dozens of couples and other adults in attendance and it appeared that the age span covered three generations.

Despite the sensitivity of the subject being discussed, those in attendance were open, receptive and responsive. Because of the broad scope of the topic and related sub-topics, at the end of the day a solid foundation was laid to build upon. Because of the interest in the things being discussed and the realization that the material presented only scratched the surface, Orit was asked if she would be willing to return and present Part 2 of the workshop, which will be in about another month and a half of so.

There was a lot of participation during the Question and Answer period and despite the difficulty of some of the questions, those who were in attendance felt comfortable enough to ask genuinely and openly about personal and family issues. There was a clear willingness that the subject would be discussed further, with many remarking that there is a real need to discuss and relate to the topic of sexuality and sexual purity from a Biblical perspective. Others openly admitted that they just didn’t know how to present the matter to their children.

So, we are truly thankful to all who wrote and encouraged us and for those who didn’t write, but kept the matter before the Throne of Grace. You are partakers with us in all that we accomplish for God’s glory.

With heartfelt thanks and blessings,

Marvin (for us all)
A Future and A Hope