Liel, born Dec 18, weighed 600 gm.

Pray for Liel

One of the women who made a decision for life after receiving counsel at A Future and A Hope gave birth on December 18, at 26 weeks. The newborn weighed in at 600 grams and is presently hooked up to an incubator. She has gained 300 grams in the last 3 days. She has been named Liel (pronounced Lee-El).

Liel’s name means, “I have God.” What a precious name. Her mother is well and grateful for your prayers. Please pray for Liel’s continued health, growth, and that she may indeed have God in her heart from a young age.

As we approach the Christmas holiday, may Liel’s birth and her vulnerability remind us of another birth celebrated at this time of year. What a joy to remember that the Prince of Peace was given to save you, me, Liel, and her mother.

May you be blessed and be a blessing.

In Messiah Yeshua,