Prayer & Praise Updates

We wanted to update you and thank you for your prayers and encouragement regarding the presentation/workshop that took place in Jerusalem this past Saturday. There was a good turnout, with dozens of couples and other adults in attendance and it appeared that the age span covered three generations. Despite the

Just a brief note to thank you for your prayer support and encouragement. The Lord truly answered our prayers. The receptiveness exhibited by the students was a blessing and a genuine encouragement. At a time when there is more and more disregard for authority, these students were courteous and respectful,

Tomorrow, March 10th, Orit will be speaking at a school for believing children in Jerusalem. She will be teaching grades 7 and 8 on sexuality and sanctification, how God sees our body and our self-image. The 7th grade will be divided into separate sessions for girls and boys. She will

The family exerted tremendous pressure and the sister-in-the-Lord gave in and aborted her child. This was after we had informed them of the fact that a believing couple here was willing to adopt the child if the child was born less than healthy. If born healthy, then the natural parents

Emergency Prayer Request

A young woman who came to us for counselling is scheduled for an abortion tomorrow. She was told that her child is “defective” and is under tremendous pressure from her doctors and her husband to abort the child – their second. After Orit pleaded with her not to go through

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We are excited to tell you about our new English website. This site has been designed primarily for the purpose of sharing with others the purpose, needs, and answered prayers for our organization, A Future and a Hope. In the next few weeks we hope to post old newsletters, have