New Donation Information and Prayer Request

Sometimes it seems like everything is a battle. Even a small thing like cashing a check in Israel has become a challenge for many people in Israel, including A Future and A Hope. As a result we have updated our Donate Now page with detailed instructions for how best and most effectively to give to our organization.

With this in mind, I am reminded to ask you to pray for A Future and A Hope in detail. Pray for those we help, the lives of the children saved, our counsellors, and for our many needs to be met. An important aspect of prayer is for practical things that many take for granted. Things like beurocracy.

Our website was recently down for a few days because the Israeli service for our domain name never sent a renewal notice. Then there is the issue of how we receive donations. For many people it just isn’t convenient not begin able to send a check. Little things in one way, but they impact our ministry, other non-profits in the country, and individuals who receive monetary gifts from friends or family overseas.

Hence praying for organization gives a bigger picture for how to pray for Israel at many levels. Thank you in advance for your earnest prayers and sacrificial giving. You are touching the Apple of God’s eye, and joining in a spiritual battle that is lived out in the here and now.

May the Lord bless and keep you all!