July 2019: Prayer & Praise Update

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Dear praying friends and supporters, We are truly thankful for your prayers and are greatly encouraged by them. God has blessed us a good start this year with several abortion-minded women choosing life after receiving counselling through A Future and A Hope. Life-affirming births, a workshop, and seminars, are but a few ways in which we are seeing fruit from this ministry.

The Workshop on Shaming and Bullying

We held a workshop for believing youths earlier in the year on shaming and bullying, both in general and through the internet. We spoke about real-life incidents and asked the children to share if they had been involved in similar incidents and what they had done or would do in the circumstances described. Obviously, we spoke on the subject from a Scriptural point of view. We also asked whether any of the youths had witnessed incidents of shaming and bullying. The responses were far beyond what we had anticipated. Many shared that they, themselves, suffered from social boycotts, shaming, and bullying because of their national origin, the color of their skin, as well as for their faith in Messiah Yeshua. They left the meeting with an awareness of the need to be more alert and aware of their surroundings, as well as to the words coming out of their mouths.

Parent Seminars

The two seminars for parents held in Jerusalem in March were truly blessed. Most of the attendees were hungry for information and wanted more, even though the sessions lasted until after 9 p.m. One session dealt with shaming and bullying in social media among the youth, while the second one discussed how to increase awareness of sexual predators, including pornography addiction among children and teens. The parents were challenged to seek a greater and more prayerful awareness and sensitivity for these issues.

Decisions for Life

There have also been many answers to prayer regarding women who came to us in crisis pregnancy situations. Children have been born by God’s grace, who would have otherwise been the victims of the abortionist’s scalpels. As is our practice, for the sake of privacy and protection, none of the women’s names below are their real names.

Update on Aliya

A few months ago we shared with you about a woman whom, for anonymity, we named “Aliyah.” You may recall that she had been a sex slave and undergone horrific abuse. You read the story “From Sex Slavery to a Future and A Hope” here.

Aliyah came to us at the beginning of her pregnancy. After receiving counsel she made the decision for life for her child. In a Facebook post, she wrote a post addressed to the child developing in her womb.

I am writing and telling you the story of a hero who chose life, in the midst of darkness and suffering. My little one, you came at the right time, from a reception that covered many hours of grace, against all of the odds. Slim odds that you circumvented, breaking through barriers of stigmas and difficulties. When you arrive to the world my little child, I will tell you how much life you gave me, and hope to continue. You will forever be an inseparable part of my thoughts, of my life. I chose to raise you alone, without a father … [I] promise and know that I will do everything so that you will not lack anything. Don’t think for a moment that the nausea is doing me harm, it is natural and a sign that you exist within me. I am so very happy that I am able to do for you, my little child. I give you permission to be afraid sometimes. I ask that you remember that courage is not measured by victories, but by stating the truth. Understand that problems are sometimes needed in order to survive. … When I learned of your existence, I was flooded with feelings which cannot be expressed in writing, wild and careless, and in a moment’s decision I chose to  bring you here, with tears in my eyes and with a burden of responsibility, you became a part of me, a perfect, little creature. With a complete choice and at the right time. Thank you my little child, filled with love and quiet.” 

Two weeks ago, Aliyah gave birth to her son and called him “Amour” (love, in French). She has now moved to the south of Israel and is residing with her mother, who is helping her, on the condition that Aliya’s son will not be taken from her.

After giving birth in June, Aliya was again the focus of a news article on a Hebrew media outlet. The title of the article says it all: “Against all odds: The woman who developed 52 personalities was rehabilitated and became a mother.” You can view a wonderful photo of her in this Ynet article. When the worldly media takes notice of a seemingly impossible change in a person’s life, we can only give all the praise and honor to Messiah Yeshua, the Lord of Life. The article refers to the people who encouraged her for life (although not mentioning them by name). She told the counselor who met with her in our office: “You deal with life and death in your work.” She knows what we deal with and has asked to work with us as a volunteer. She is willing to come and tell her story and take a stand against abortion. “Despite my difficult story, I understand that it is important that we protect life in the womb.”  

Please add your prayers to ours that she would come to a full and complete knowledge of the One Who gave His life for her.

Choosing Life Despite Real Fear

Nora, 32, came to us four and a half years ago at the beginning of her pregnancy. After deciding not to abort, she gave birth to a healthy child. However, tragically, the child suffered a crib death. Nora became depressed and after nearly three years, she contacted us when she again became pregnant. She arrived “just to talk” and explained that this time, she was going to have an abortion. She was very afraid of giving birth again because of what had happened with her first child. Our counselor, Irena, provided counsel and encouragement to Nora throughout the entire period of her pregnancy. When Nora learned that she was a diabetic, Irena helped her to create a healthy and balanced food menu that she could follow. Two weeks ago, Nora gave birth to a son, whom she named “Adam.”

Please remember Nora in your prayers. She is a single mom and still suffers from panic attacks because of the death of her first child. Her sleep is irregular and she remains awake most of the night, which leaves her exhausted during the day.

Courage to Choose Life

Dina gave birth to Daniel two months ago, after her first pregnancy ended in an abortion at six months. She had been told that the child was not developing properly and was strongly encouraged to terminate the pregnancy. Sadly, we first came into contact with her only after the abortion. When Dina came to us this time, we stood by her throughout the course of the pregnancy. She is extremely grateful that we were “there for her.” Her son is the joy of her life at this time.

Please pray that Dina would have strength and patience. She is a single mom and the sole provider.

Other Choices for Life

Many other mothers have given birth this month. Below are some photos to rejoice over of just a few of these precious lives. Please remember to pray for them, their mothers, and that they would all enter into a personal relationship with our wonderful Yeshua – truly He saves!


Other Prayer Requests

Prayer is the foundation of what we do. If the Lord is not leading, all our labor is in vain. Hence, we would deeply appreciate your prayers for the following items:

For Irena: Please pray for her son, Vladimir (“Vladi”) and for wisdom and strength to handle the many changes he and the family are going through right now. Vladi is presently in a rehabilitation program established by neuropsychologists, especially for people like him. Vladi suffered a severe head injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident 18 years ago, when he was 11. The difficulty is enormous for the family.

Please pray that Vladi would be happy with the rehab program, that the place would become a home for him, and that he will be comfortable, and happy, and look forward to being in it.

For Orit and Me: For good health, for our children, and for God’s strength and wisdom for all He sets before us.

May God pour out His richest and abundant blessings upon you

                                                                                In Yeshua’s grip,

Marvin S. Kramer
General Manager

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