For Israelis

Do you have a friend who needs information in Hebrew about issues related to sexual conduct? We provide several brochures that provide information in Hebrew. Simply click on the item’s Hebrew title to download it. We pray that the information will be helpful in making a decision for sexual purity.

Wait Until the Weddingלחכות עד לחתונה
Condoms: Are They Effective? קונדומים: האם הם יעילים?
Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, and Peer Pressureסמים, אלכוהול, עישון, ולחץ חברתי
AIDS: Things You Didn’t Know!איידס:  דברים שלא ידעת!
Hepatitis B: Things You Didn’t Know!צהבת B: דברים שלא ידעת!
Herpes: Things You Didn’t Know!הרפס :דברים שלא ידעת!
Syphilis: Things You Didn’t Know!עגבת (סיפיליס): דברים שלא ידעת!
What is Your Risk for Sexually Transmitted Disease?באיזו מידה של סיכון אתם נמצא?
Literature on display in our Haifa office
Literature on display in our Haifa office