Educating the Public

Knowledge empowers. Yet today’s generation, and the public at large, are poorly educated as to their options when it comes to birth, birth control, abortion, and choosing whether or not to keep a baby. Quite often, hearing an unborn child’s heartbeat or understanding the stages of development in the womb, makes all the difference–literally–between life and death. Tragically, development of babies in the womb and the sacredness of life is rarely taught in the public schools.

In Israel, children receive sex education in the public schools starting in the sixth grade. That education primarily focuses on their own sexual development and fulfilling (or not) their own sexual desires. Israeli children are encouraged to experiment to determine their own sexual preferences. When they reach junior high the schools introduce the children to alternative life-styles via outside lecturers. As a conservative organization, A Future and a Hope has the unusual privilege to be asked by the public schools to present our unique information starting in the sixth grade and continuing through to university. We have had the privilege of freely and legally counseling young people regarding the choice for life and the benefits of abstinence before marriage, and how fulfilling  a loving marriage of one man and one woman can be.

We have two full time workers who travel throughout Israel giving lectures and workshops on all aspects of sex education. They also train other educational professionals with these materials for dissemination to their students. They have also been invited to speak at city-sponsored events, and have been interviewed for Israeli and international radio programs.

When supporting our Educating the Public project, your gift supports our two workers, printing of various publications and brochures to be given to attendees of their lectures/workshops, as well as travel expenses to get to the various venues.

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