Our counselling services, by necessity, are broad. Each woman who comes to us may have a variety of problems in addition to “just” being pregnant and considering an abortion. Many of the women have a background in prostitution, drugs, or may even be living in an abusive situation that they cannot get out of.

Once the woman comes and agrees to accept our help, we stick by her side throughout her pregnancy and beyond–even if she should ultimately choose to have an abortion. Hence, our services include:

  • Basic pregnancy counseling
  • Post-abortion counseling
  • Personal life coaching
  • Abuse counseling
  • Trauma and post-trauma counseling
  • Collaboration with other social agencies to help those wanting to get out of prostitution or additions

In addition, we provide home visits, and offer family counseling with the father of the child, as well as other family members, if desired.

When donating for our counseling services, your gift helps to pay the salaries for two counselors, as well as continuing education and advanced training for them, so that they can be well-equipped and updated to help these needy women. We have two comfortable counseling rooms in our office in Haifa.