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We were very grateful to learn that A Future and A Hope was mentioned in detail in a recent article in the January/February issue of the Messianic Times.

For those of you who don’t know, this is the leading international Messianic Jewish newspaper. The newspaper seeks to provide accurate, authoritative, and current information to unite the international Messianic Jewish community, teach Christians the Jewish roots of their faith, and proclaim that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. They publish a variety of topics about what is really happening in Israel , both the good and the bad.

We would like to thank them for giving us permission to post the article here on our website. Simply click the graphic below to download a PDF of the article and read it.

As usual, we would appreciate your prayers, particularly that we will find new prayer and financial supporters as more people learn of our important work. The need is huge… but thankfully, our God is greater!

Picture of article published in the January/February 2019 issue of teh Messianic Times.

October 2018 Prayer and Praise

Dear praying friends and supporters,

We would like to update you on some of the women we are helping, and share with you some urgent prayer requests.

Many of the women we help come from terrible backgrounds. They have maintained a poor moral lifestyle and practiced sexual promiscuity. Oh how our Lord’s heart must break for them. Rather than judging, we seek to encourage each one, and her husband or boyfriend. We aim to give them life-giving counsel for their child and for themselves, hoping that each one will feel the love of their Messiah and make Him their own. Whatever their choice, we are there for them, when everyone else has left.

Please pray for these precious families below. God has already brought them this far. He is the only one who can continue to meet their needs.

    1. Ok gave birth to a lovely baby girl, C. However, C has been found to be lactose and egg intolerant – a life threatening condition for an infant, so great care must be taken in checking the ingredients for all of her food. The entire family needs prayer as they are undergoing a difficult financial situation; O’s husband was in a car accident a month ago.

    2. R, 36, gave birth to a baby girl a few weeks ago. An immigrant from the Ukraine she married two years ago. Irena is sharing with her about the Lord and R is open and listening (her husband, however, is not open). We prayed for her to receive an ID and status before the birth of her baby, and she received both the week before she was born – Praise the Lord! Now, the family has been told they must vacate their rented apartment within two months. We promised to pray for them to find another appropriate place. Through this situation, may the Lord open her husband’s heart and the entire family come to faith.

    3. V and R are a young couple with a lovely boy. is a newly discharged soldier with no family or relatives in Israel (referred to as a “lone soldier”). Like most women and families receiving support from A Future and A Hope, they have no other circle of support. After being abortion-minded, they counselled with us and made the decision not to abort their unborn child and V gave birth to an adorable boy. They are grateful for all the help they’ve received from us.

    4. O is a young girl who is pregnant, in great distress, and is considering an abortion. She scheduled a meeting with Irena but didn’t arrive and her phone is disconnected. We get many calls like these. We talk and counsel through the phone without knowing what the woman decides. We need prayer for those women who hesitate. Please pray for O that God will enable her to choose life for her child.

    5. Na is in her 30’s and has recently left drugs and prostitution, both of which she has done since she was 14. Na came to us during her first pregnancy 7 years ago, when she wanted to have an abortion. Against all odds, she kept her child and gave birth to a healthy boy. However, she continued in prostitution, although she stopped taking drugs. Throughout that time she kept in touch with us and slowly turned away from prostitution.Na met an older man, became pregnant, and had a second child. She did not consider abortion for a second, as she fully realized that the life growing within her was a child. Na then married the father of her second child. Their financial situation is very bad. Despite that, Na has decided to help women in situations similar to hers, even though she is now in her third pregnancy.
      Na shared with us, “I choose life despite the enormous difficulty.” A month ago her husband had a massive heart attack. He is now having panic attacks and is afraid to leave the house. Now in week 36, Na is faithfully taking care of their baby, her first child, and her husband. She has totally left her previous way of life and has become a devout, faithful, and protective wife and mother. We thank the Lord for her parenting, maturity, and the love she has for her children and husband, despite everything. From a Muslim (Beduin) background, Na is not yet open to Yeshua. Please pray that through this situation she will discover her Savior Yeshua, and have God-given courage to go the next step and believe in Him.

    6. A is a young woman in her 30’s. She has a 6-year-old daughter, a 4-year-old son and a 2‑year-old toddler. A came to us with a sad story. After her husband left for another woman, A discovered she is pregnant by him husband and wanted to abort. After many conversations and encouragement from us, by the Lord’s grace, she decided to keep the pregnancy and has given birth to a boy. Please pray for her. The situation is not simple, taking care of four children under the age of 6. The father is out of the picture, ignoring her needs, and unsupportive. Only the Lord can touch their lives, meet their needs, and heal A’s wounded heart.

    7. Ni is a young woman in her 20’s who came to us 5 years ago. She kept her pregnancy at that time and gave birth to a lovely boy. She returned to us this year, explaining that she is again pregnant and wants to have an abortion. After speaking with her and explaining it to her, she kept her pregnancy and had a girl. Tragically, we have learned that Ni has no emotional awareness and this is evident in her attitude toward her children. They are emotionally abandoned. She simply does not love them. We are in constant communication with her. Hers is another situation where only God’s love can break through. Doing the right thing, without love, is like clanging symbols (I Corinthians 13).

    8. J, 32, is the mother two children, an 8-year-old boy and a 10-year-old-girl. They immigrated from Ukraine two years ago. She was fired from her job the day she found out she was pregnant. While considering an abortion, J providentially found us. She shares, “without your help, I would have aborted.” She is due in November. Please pray that we will have the resources to add her to the First Year of Life program.

    9. Oa, in her 20’s, became pregnant and was considering an abortion. She decided to keep the baby and married the father. She has given birth to a boy and is very happy with her decision and thankful for the support she is receiving from us.

    10. Om, in her 30’s, became pregnant after a one-night-stand. Although she comes from a very religious and unsupportive family, she has decided to maintain the pregnancy. She needs much prayer as we are the only ones standing with her in this decision.

    11. G, 20, came to us with an unwanted pregnancy and a very hard family story. She already has two children and no support or help. We met with her, and provided counselling, encouraging her to keep this precious life despite the difficulties. She is thankful for the help she will receive and has decided to maintain her pregnancy. She is due in October.

    12. U is 18-years-old and single. Thankfully, her parents are very supportive and want her to keep the baby. Hence, they referred U to us. Spiritual battles take on interesting shapes: U’s purse was stolen on her way to her first visit with us and so, she did not come. The second time she planned to visit she fell on her stomach on the way here. Right now she is interested in keeping the pregnancy. Please pray for her and this battle to keep her child.

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Workshops Update

As you know, part of our activities include giving workshops on a variety of topics related to aboration and sexuality. During 2017 and the first part of 2018, we have had several opportunities to conduct workshops in Israeli schools for children of different ages from believing families.

The workshops dealt with issues of purity (in speech, dress, behavior, sexual perspectives and so forth), sexual identity and development, physical changes in childhood and youth, as well as shaming and bullying. The sessions were almost always held separately for boys and girls, enabling the students to speak openly and without embarrassment. Although the age groups varied, many questions and topics were the same. Children expressed a desire to change certain areas of their lives and to examine whether the faith they claim to have is truly their own or only that of their parents.

Sessions about shaming and bullying were accompanied with examples from Scripture (such as the woman at the well; the Lord on the cross, etc.), daily examples from children’s lives (if they were to see someone dress differently from them or someone who is sitting alone on the side…), and more. Here again, the children were challenged to take a stand and asked how they would react in different situations versus how they should react as children who want to live a life honoring to God and reflecting their faith in the Lord Yeshua.

In sessions about purity and sexual development, children learned about physical and emotional boundaries and were encouraged to guard themselves. This opened opportunities to speak with a number of children who had been victimized and hurt in the past. In some cases, we were able to take action to prevent these children from from further harm by exposing the event and, where necessary, even reporting the matter to the police.

For many of the children, these sessions marked the first time they had ever been exposed to the topic of sexual development and the development of the child in the womb. Interestingly, many children said that they did not feel comfortable to discuss these things at home, so they often tried to get information from their friends. However, most of them honestly admitted that their best resource for finding answers was the Internet. The vast majority of the children attending had no knowledge of these matters and felt ashamed to ask about them, until they had the opportunity to learn and ask questions in our workshop.

In each session, children were always asked to publicly state at least one thing that they had gained from the workshops, that they would walk away with. In this way they were challenged to return home with a changed attitude towards these matters, and to make an effort to live and do what Yeshua would do.

As you can see, these workshops are dynamic, fostering interaction with children of all ages. We look forward to continued open doors and opportunities for effective service.

Please pray for us that the right doors will open, with the right timing, and that the Lord would prepare our hearts to work on materials that will meet their needs and help them to not just “learn the facts of life,” but to help them grow in their relationship with Yeshua.

Never Too Busy for Pictures

We know you’ve been wanting to hear from us. We have been so busy helping many different families, and being there for new mothers, that writing keeps getting put off for another day. But we are NEVER too busy to pictures of the precious lives that you have prayed for.

Each of the babies shown below were born this year because their mother’s chose life! We are so grateful to the Lord for this ministry and the way it is impacting lives. As you look at these little ones, pray for them and their mothers that they would all grow into NEW life as well!

(Note: If you only see a link, click the link to see the picture)

Pictures of several babies born this year. Their mothers were considering an abortion. But instead, they made a choice for life!
Just a few of the babies born in 2017.

New Donation Information and Prayer Request

Sometimes it seems like everything is a battle. Even a small thing like cashing a check in Israel has become a challenge for many people in Israel, including A Future and A Hope. As a result we have updated our Donate Now page with detailed instructions for how best and most effectively to give to our organization.

With this in mind, I am reminded to ask you to pray for A Future and A Hope in detail. Pray for those we help, the lives of the children saved, our counsellors, and for our many needs to be met. An important aspect of prayer is for practical things that many take for granted. Things like beurocracy.

Our website was recently down for a few days because the Israeli service for our domain name never sent a renewal notice. Then there is the issue of how we receive donations. For many people it just isn’t convenient not begin able to send a check. Little things in one way, but they impact our ministry, other non-profits in the country, and individuals who receive monetary gifts from friends or family overseas.

Hence praying for organization gives a bigger picture for how to pray for Israel at many levels. Thank you in advance for your earnest prayers and sacrificial giving. You are touching the Apple of God’s eye, and joining in a spiritual battle that is lived out in the here and now.

May the Lord bless and keep you all!