Special Update: Praise and Time Sensitive Prayer Requests

Shalom — peace to you.

May this find you well, encouraged, and strengthened during these difficult days.

As we approach the Feast of Passover, a time of God’s deliverance of His people, we want to express heartfelt thanks to you for standing alongside with us, both spiritually and practically. We have shared what we are doing, we have expressed a need for help, and you have responded, encouraging us greatly, along with many women and newborns, who are part of our First Year of Life Program.

Now we are turning to you for continued prayer regarding two situations, shared below.

New Website Design

When you visit the site this time, you will notice that our new logo is now displayed, along with a slightly updated appearance of the site. We hope you enjoy the new look.

Thankfulness and Praise

In addition to the newborns who made their grand entrance as Israeli citizens in recent days, we are truly thankful for the support that we receive that enables us to help moms and tots who struggle to make ends meet.

In this regard, we arranged with a local merchant to deliver special, holiday care packages to a number of the women, who chose to give life to their pre-born children. As part of our First Year of Life Program, we were able to supply each woman with three separate gift baskets, valued at NIS 500 each, containing meat, fruit, vegetables, snacks, sweets, diapers, and toilet paper, among other items. These were all delivered to the women’s apartments (without entering inside – according to government regulations). The baskets were delivered to them with a note expressing our love for them and wishes for a joyful Passover.

The thanks and praise that we receive from them are due to your partnering with us and being involved in the continuing miracle of life.

Items in the gift “basket” sent to each mom.
Gift card reading: With Love and Happy Holiday, from A Future and a Hope!

Pictured: Photos sent to us by one of the moms, representative of the items delivered to each woman.

Special Prayer Needs

Mother and Needy Son Stuck at Home  

Karen (not her real name) is a single mom and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She came to us for counsel when she was three months pregnant and made a bold decision for life. A month ago Karen gave birth to a healthy son. She has another son, four-years old, who is also suffering from PTSD. Both he and Karen were victims of violence from the father of the children, who is now in police custody.

The older son is exhibiting destructive behavior and, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, he is not able to receive any professional support or treatment that would otherwise be available through the Department of Welfare. Furthermore, again because of the country-wide lockdown, Karen and her children are unable to leave for any reason, and cannot receive social assistance for herself. Her parents, who had helped out in the past, cannot even visit her or the children because of the present health crisis. Furthermore, now her parents are also sick (not with the virus, thankfully!).

Please pray for strength, wisdom, and grace for Karen and for other single parents, who are trying to cope under extremely difficult circumstances.

Wisdom for Hanni and Teachable Spirits for Listeners (April 7 “Zoominar”)

This coming Tuesday evening (tomorrow), April 7th, at 8:00 p.m. Israel time, Hanni will be giving a “Zoom” presentation to 30-50 youth counselors. She will speak about the unique challenges that teenagers face, particularly during this health crisis, when they are forced to remain at home and are spending a considerably increased time on the Internet.

Among the topics that will be discussed are:

  • The current situation (how much time children and youth spend on-screen and what they do);
  • Dangers of prolonged Internet use and social media interaction;
  • Challenges (lessons on the use of Zoom, if they have nothing else to do with their time);
  • Specific challenges for youth during the Covid-19 crisis.

Please pray for wisdom for Hanni in sharing, and for attentive and teachable spirits on the part of the youth counselors.

Passover Blessings to You

May you be blessed by the One, Who is the Lord of Life and Who gives life eternal to those who put their faith and truth in Him. He kept us from the plagues imposed on Egypt, He will free us from the plague of the Coronavirus.

Hag Pesach Sameach (May you have a joyful Passover)!

Marvin (for us all)

Orit delivering diapers to a mother

Activity Update: A”T and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Supporters and Prayer Warriors for A Future and A Hope:

Blessings to you, with prayers for good health, strength, wisdom, and protection.

A lot has happened in our lives since our last update in December, when we posted a photo of one of the precious new babies born as a result of this ministry. We had also asked for prayer and new support for the First Year of Life Program.

Many of you not only prayed, but chose to be a part of the answer to our prayers. Thank you for your quick, loving, and much needed response.

>> Download a PDF of this newsletter

Covid-19 has reached Israel

The pandemic is worldwide and Israel is battling this new virus on every level. Over the past few weeks there have been increasing restrictions. New guidelines are being issued every few days as our leaders seek, in any way possible, to limit the number of people who become infected. To date, almost 5,000 people have been infected and there have been 19 deaths. The mayor of Haifa recently advised the residents of Haifa that our city is in a relatively good situation with regard to infections, as compared to the rest of the country (we ranked 17th out of 152 locations in Israel). Social distancing is having a positive effect, though it does make ministry more challenging.

Our ministry continues, despite the pandemic

Like most of the country, everyone on our team is under government guidelines not to leave home, unless it is for a permissible reason that is exempted from the major lockdown. The needs of some sectors of the country have become even more acute during this time of crisis, particularly when freedom of movement is restricted. In addition to the elderly, families with a newborn at home, or a woman who is in the third trimester of pregnancy are among those in need of special attention and assistance. For us, extending a helping hand to them during this time of crisis is rendering an essential service. We are thankful that our help is also a permitted service.

With face masks on and rubber gloves, A Future and A Hope is endeavoring to help meet the needs of this particularly hard-hit sector of the country. We pack up the car with different sizes of diapers and baby clothes and deliver them at the residences of the moms and tots, arranging with them in advance to leave these items at their doors, to avoid endangering our own health through physical contact. At the same time, we give the mothers a gift card to supplement their basic needs. These services and provisions are part of our First Year of Life Program and are in addition to the basic items that we provide during the newborn’s first year of life. 

Without question, the recipients of the diapers, clothes, and gift cards are touched and grateful, even to the point of tears. The multitudes who have been laid off from work, some on a “leave without pay” situation, include some of the families that we are helping. We are stretched to the limit in every area, but remain committed to follow through for as long as we have the ability to do so.

Pictured at the top of this post: Orit delivering diapers to one of our mothers.

Answered prayers

In January, we asked for prayer for Eve (not her real name), the young woman who suffered from osteomalacia. She gave birth to a healthy son four days ago, following a speedy delivery, without an epidural. This was an encouraging answer to prayer. Thanks for being part of the continuing miracle of birth. 

Eve’s Son

In that vein, we know you will celebrate with us the birth of another boy – El Roei. What a joy it was to celebrate his Brit Mila!

El Roei’s Brit Milah (Circumcision)

New Hebrew booklets for children

As part of the expanded nature of the ministry of A Future and A Hope, we recently embarked on publishing a series, in Hebrew, dealing with “Sex in the Plan of God,” which is suitable for teaching children of different age groups, according to their levels of maturity and understanding. We received permission from the publisher of the books in English to translate and adapt them from English to Hebrew in a culturally relevant manner. The first two booklets have just been published. Titled “Before I Was Born” and “The Story of Me,” the books will not be sold, but rather distributed to those who attend the seminars and conferences where we will be speaking.

Cover to Before I was Born
Cover for Before I was Born
Cover: The Story of Me
Cover for “The Story of Me

Ongoing needs to help the helpless

How can you help? The economic crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic has impacted every sector of our society, across the board. Non-profit organizations are experiencing a decrease in donations as the economic unrest causes personal concerns to shift what were once priorities. Banks are helping private individuals to defer loan repayments for a period of time and tend to be more lenient with individuals whose income has suddenly ceased. The situation is different for non-profits, who are not allowed to have a credit line or to enter into a minus situation. Hence, when funds are depleted, the assistance also comes to a halt.

If you want to help and are able to do so, please visit our Donate Now page, to make a PayPal donation or for information on how to send a bank-to-bank transfer. As always, each donation will be issued a receipt.

Closing thoughts for encouragement

You are very much in our prayers, as I am sure we are in yours as together, we live through current events that have challenged and will continue to challenge us at every level—for a time still unknown to us. However, our God remains sovereign. May this be a time during which each of us is encouraged in our Lord, emboldened to share the Good News to our hurting world, and use every means possible to minister His love to a hurting and desperate world.

May you bless, be blessed, and be a blessing.

With thanks,

Marvin Kramer (for all of us)
General Manager
A Future and a Hope

New Brochure for A Future and A Hope

I am pleased to advise that we have just printed a new four-page brochure for telling others about our ministry. (The picture with this post just shows the front and back).

You can view the entire brochure here, or download it and pass it on to others.

Thank you again for your ongoing prayers and support.



P.S. Three ladies who made choices for life have given birth over the last two days. What a blessed way to approach the end of the year!

Answered Prayer and a Special Request

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah – and Friends of A Future and A Hope,

We have been truly blessed this year with decisions for life. Some mothers were fearful to carry their pre-born children to term, but afterwards were thankful that they did.

In line with this, we are happy to report that this month five women either gave birth, or are due to give birth, through this important ministry. Another three women will be giving birth in December. All of them were originally abortion-minded and have chosen life for their children. 

As part of our First Year of Life Program, we made a commitment to assist women who make courageous decisions for life, despite difficult circumstances, both personal and economic. The tiny hand of a new born grasping the finger of a the mother who had once considered aborting her child, is opening avenues of joy and blessing for both of them.

We are turning to you with a request for assistance at this time. Each First of Year of Life package of necessities for the newborn’s first year cost approximately US $1,100 (CAD 1,457 or £855). Our resources are limited, but we serve a Creator who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond anything that we can ask or think. 

It is a time of blessing, but we are facing challenges in meeting the needs of these women. You can help. Please visit our website for information on how to donate. You can designate a gift for one or more of the women, or for general needs, and we will see that it is used for the purpose intended.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. You share with us in the eternal blessing of every life saved.


Marvin S. Kramer
General Manager
A Future and A Hope

P.S. The baby in the picture was born this month! Praising the Lord for this precious life!

November Events and Prayer Requests

As you receive this post Orit will be sharing in Shavei Tzion near Tel Aviv (evening of November 1) about the roles of men and women and sexuality, both from a Biblical perspective, sexual abuse, basic rules in sexual education of children and how to protect children from sexual predators. Her presentation was requested for a group of teens from three congregations to the north of Haifa. Please pray for attentive spirits, listening ears and receptive hearts, not only among the youth, but also for those who are responsible for them; and pray that the Holy Spirit would work HIS good work in the hearts of the young people receiving this important message.

On Wednesday, November 6, Orit will be speaking in Jerusalem to a women only group about female addiction to pornography. She has also been asked by the Israel College of the Bible to teach a course to women about feminism, starting this month.

On November 14 there will be a pro-life conference in Karmiel; there, Orit will speak on “Whose body is it, anyway?” 


Here are a couple of two precious babies that were just born.

Events Update with Photos

During their trip to the U.S. this summer, Marvin, Orit, and Hanni had a number of opportunities to share about A Future and A Hope in New York and Pennsylvania, with considerable one-on-one counselling. In addition, Marvin and Orit spoke in Poland in September, sharing both the Word of Life and the message of life in different locations. Those who attended the sessions came with attentive ears and receptive spirits.

Hanni shared about her seminars and workshops on shaming and bullying among youth, Orit provided a moving update about mothers who were making courageous decisions for life in the face of daunting circumstances. Marvin spoke about ministry, and also spoke about the need to understand the “big picture” concerning the Middle East conflict. A special event was held in Pennsylvania, to spread the word about this important ministry to encourage choices for life, a future, and a hope in Israel.

Below are a few pictures from the time spent in the US! Enjoy! And thank YOU for your support and encouragement, and for joining us in our vision.

Pennsylvania Event Invitation
Hanni speaking about her shaming and bullying workshops.
Orit sharing some of the stories about women who made courageous decisions for life.

Two babies that were born while we were visiting in the USA.

Marvin speaking in Pennsylvania.
Marvin speaking about the “Big Picture.”
Behind him is part of a map of the Middle East showing the planned partition of the Land under the British Mandate.

July 2019: Prayer & Praise Update

Download a Printable PDF of this Update

Dear praying friends and supporters, We are truly thankful for your prayers and are greatly encouraged by them. God has blessed us a good start this year with several abortion-minded women choosing life after receiving counselling through A Future and A Hope. Life-affirming births, a workshop, and seminars, are but a few ways in which we are seeing fruit from this ministry.

The Workshop on Shaming and Bullying

We held a workshop for believing youths earlier in the year on shaming and bullying, both in general and through the internet. We spoke about real-life incidents and asked the children to share if they had been involved in similar incidents and what they had done or would do in the circumstances described. Obviously, we spoke on the subject from a Scriptural point of view. We also asked whether any of the youths had witnessed incidents of shaming and bullying. The responses were far beyond what we had anticipated. Many shared that they, themselves, suffered from social boycotts, shaming, and bullying because of their national origin, the color of their skin, as well as for their faith in Messiah Yeshua. They left the meeting with an awareness of the need to be more alert and aware of their surroundings, as well as to the words coming out of their mouths.

Parent Seminars

The two seminars for parents held in Jerusalem in March were truly blessed. Most of the attendees were hungry for information and wanted more, even though the sessions lasted until after 9 p.m. One session dealt with shaming and bullying in social media among the youth, while the second one discussed how to increase awareness of sexual predators, including pornography addiction among children and teens. The parents were challenged to seek a greater and more prayerful awareness and sensitivity for these issues.

Decisions for Life

There have also been many answers to prayer regarding women who came to us in crisis pregnancy situations. Children have been born by God’s grace, who would have otherwise been the victims of the abortionist’s scalpels. As is our practice, for the sake of privacy and protection, none of the women’s names below are their real names.

Update on Aliya

A few months ago we shared with you about a woman whom, for anonymity, we named “Aliyah.” You may recall that she had been a sex slave and undergone horrific abuse. You read the story “From Sex Slavery to a Future and A Hope” here.

Aliyah came to us at the beginning of her pregnancy. After receiving counsel she made the decision for life for her child. In a Facebook post, she wrote a post addressed to the child developing in her womb.

I am writing and telling you the story of a hero who chose life, in the midst of darkness and suffering. My little one, you came at the right time, from a reception that covered many hours of grace, against all of the odds. Slim odds that you circumvented, breaking through barriers of stigmas and difficulties. When you arrive to the world my little child, I will tell you how much life you gave me, and hope to continue. You will forever be an inseparable part of my thoughts, of my life. I chose to raise you alone, without a father … [I] promise and know that I will do everything so that you will not lack anything. Don’t think for a moment that the nausea is doing me harm, it is natural and a sign that you exist within me. I am so very happy that I am able to do for you, my little child. I give you permission to be afraid sometimes. I ask that you remember that courage is not measured by victories, but by stating the truth. Understand that problems are sometimes needed in order to survive. … When I learned of your existence, I was flooded with feelings which cannot be expressed in writing, wild and careless, and in a moment’s decision I chose to  bring you here, with tears in my eyes and with a burden of responsibility, you became a part of me, a perfect, little creature. With a complete choice and at the right time. Thank you my little child, filled with love and quiet.” 

Two weeks ago, Aliyah gave birth to her son and called him “Amour” (love, in French). She has now moved to the south of Israel and is residing with her mother, who is helping her, on the condition that Aliya’s son will not be taken from her.

After giving birth in June, Aliya was again the focus of a news article on a Hebrew media outlet. The title of the article says it all: “Against all odds: The woman who developed 52 personalities was rehabilitated and became a mother.” You can view a wonderful photo of her in this Ynet article. When the worldly media takes notice of a seemingly impossible change in a person’s life, we can only give all the praise and honor to Messiah Yeshua, the Lord of Life. The article refers to the people who encouraged her for life (although not mentioning them by name). She told the counselor who met with her in our office: “You deal with life and death in your work.” She knows what we deal with and has asked to work with us as a volunteer. She is willing to come and tell her story and take a stand against abortion. “Despite my difficult story, I understand that it is important that we protect life in the womb.”  

Please add your prayers to ours that she would come to a full and complete knowledge of the One Who gave His life for her.

Choosing Life Despite Real Fear

Nora, 32, came to us four and a half years ago at the beginning of her pregnancy. After deciding not to abort, she gave birth to a healthy child. However, tragically, the child suffered a crib death. Nora became depressed and after nearly three years, she contacted us when she again became pregnant. She arrived “just to talk” and explained that this time, she was going to have an abortion. She was very afraid of giving birth again because of what had happened with her first child. Our counselor, Irena, provided counsel and encouragement to Nora throughout the entire period of her pregnancy. When Nora learned that she was a diabetic, Irena helped her to create a healthy and balanced food menu that she could follow. Two weeks ago, Nora gave birth to a son, whom she named “Adam.”

Please remember Nora in your prayers. She is a single mom and still suffers from panic attacks because of the death of her first child. Her sleep is irregular and she remains awake most of the night, which leaves her exhausted during the day.

Courage to Choose Life

Dina gave birth to Daniel two months ago, after her first pregnancy ended in an abortion at six months. She had been told that the child was not developing properly and was strongly encouraged to terminate the pregnancy. Sadly, we first came into contact with her only after the abortion. When Dina came to us this time, we stood by her throughout the course of the pregnancy. She is extremely grateful that we were “there for her.” Her son is the joy of her life at this time.

Please pray that Dina would have strength and patience. She is a single mom and the sole provider.

Other Choices for Life

Many other mothers have given birth this month. Below are some photos to rejoice over of just a few of these precious lives. Please remember to pray for them, their mothers, and that they would all enter into a personal relationship with our wonderful Yeshua – truly He saves!


Other Prayer Requests

Prayer is the foundation of what we do. If the Lord is not leading, all our labor is in vain. Hence, we would deeply appreciate your prayers for the following items:

For Irena: Please pray for her son, Vladimir (“Vladi”) and for wisdom and strength to handle the many changes he and the family are going through right now. Vladi is presently in a rehabilitation program established by neuropsychologists, especially for people like him. Vladi suffered a severe head injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident 18 years ago, when he was 11. The difficulty is enormous for the family.

Please pray that Vladi would be happy with the rehab program, that the place would become a home for him, and that he will be comfortable, and happy, and look forward to being in it.

For Orit and Me: For good health, for our children, and for God’s strength and wisdom for all He sets before us.

May God pour out His richest and abundant blessings upon you

                                                                                In Yeshua’s grip,

Marvin S. Kramer
General Manager

Praise and Prayer Update: January–February 2019

Ana-El, meaning “God Answered”, born in December, 2018 (see “19 Years Old and Already Five Abortions,” below)

God has given us a wonderful start this year: Several women made decisions for life and there were several births by abortion-minded women who also chose life following counselling. In addition, we have two events coming up shortly – both of which need your prayer and spiritual covering. Read on to find out how to pray for us and rejoice in some amazing examples of how God is changing hearts and lives.

NOTE: All the mother’s names have been completely changed to protect their identities. As you pray for these women, don’t forget, the Lord knows their real names!

Click here to open and download a printable PDF to share with others.

19 Years Old and Already Five Abortions

A 19-year-old girl (we’ll call her Tehilla – for that means praise) came to us for counselling. Between 15 and 19 years of age, she had already undergone five (!) abortions. She contacted Orit following the advice of a friend of her whom we had helped to keep her baby. Tehilla was considering another abortion—number 6. After visiting our office and receiving counsel, she made the decision not to abort. As a result, Tehilla was rejected by her own family, and the father of the child wanted nothing to do with the baby. She gave birth alone in the hospital. Orit spoke with her afterward and asked what Tehilla wanted to name her newborn daughter. She answered that she hadn’t chosen a name yet—would Orit name her? Orit suggested naming the baby “Ana-El” (God answered). Praise the Lord—That is now her name!

February Workshop for Messianic Youth

Earlier in February we held a workshop for believing youth on the subject of shaming and bullying, through the internet and in general. We spoke about real-life incidents and asked the children to share if they had been involved in similar incidents; what they would do now in the circumstances described. Obviously, we spoke on the subject from a Scriptural perspective. We also asked if any of the attendees had witnessed incidents of shaming and bullying. The responses were far beyond what we had anticipated. Many shared that they, themselves, suffered from social boycotts, shaming, and bullying because of their country of origin and skin color, as well as for their faith in Messiah Yeshua. They left the meeting encouraged and understanding the importance of being more alert and aware of their surrounding and to the words coming out of their own mouths.

Prayer: Upcoming Seminars

On March 11 and 25, we will be conducting two seminars in Jerusalem for parents. The seminars are being organized by the pastor of one congregation, who is inviting other “local” congregations to attend. One seminar will focus on shaming and bullying in social media. The goal is to give parents the tools they need to understand, discover, and relate to their children regarding these matters, and to stimulate awareness of the importance and need for open dialogue. Parents will also be helped to understand their critical role as the defenders of their children. The other seminar/workshop will deal with awareness and recognition of sexual predators and the growing impact of pornography and pedophilia among today’s children and youth. Parents will be taught how to speak with their children about sex, sexuality, and sexual identity. These topics are of great importance for modern families, and the spiritual warfare in these areas is great. Your prayers for these upcoming events would be greatly appreciated.

From Sex Slavery to a Future and a Hope

In mid-February, a 29-year-old woman came to us. Her story was extremely difficult and painful—however, we share it with you because we cannot hide from the horrors being perpetrated in the name of sexual liberty and freedom. (We shall name her “Aliyah” for she is coming up out of the depths to find hope.)

From an early age, until the age of 14, Aliyah was repeatedly raped by her father, who would drug her and use her as his personal sex slave. If that wasn’t enough, until only a few years ago, he would also pimp her and exposed her to hard drugs, which she also sold. Aliyah became pregnant twice from her father and had early abortions. She tried many times to commit suicide, but failed, and finally ended up living on the streets. And perhaps most tragically, she suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID, commonly known as multiple personality). This is a disorder that is far more common than people realize, and is often the result of severe mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse. Aliyah has suffered from all of these.

At this point, Aliyah’s story came to the attention of someone who provided her with a place to live, saving her from having to live on the street. In mid-February, a woman whom we had helped in the past came in contact with Aliyah and gave her our phone number. Aliyah called us right away. Pregnant, she didn’t know how to deal with her new situation. Following the first counselling session at a Future and a Hope, Aliyah has decided that she will not abort this child and has asked us to accompany her in the process. She is dealing with heavy spiritual matters and desperately needs the Lord. We have been sharing the Gospel with her and she is open to it. Please pray for Aliyah and for us—for wisdom and protection from the attacks of the enemy of our souls. In particular, pray that she receives wise DID counselling and therapy. Pray for us to have the wisdom and sensitivity to know how to respond to her in love, and that she will truly hunger and thirst for righteousness to gain the emotional, mental, and spiritual healing she so desperately needs.

Late Term Abortion is NOT “Still Birth”

We will call her “Alicia.” Thirty-two years old, Alicia came to us following an abortion. A street girl for many years, she had been in her seventh month of pregnancy when the doctors told her that the child’s brain was not developing normally. Alicia decided to have a late-term (third-trimester) abortion. In Israel, the politically correct term for this kind of abortion is “still birth,” since the child is born dead as a result of the abortion procedure. Alicia told us afterward that following her experience of the “still birth,” and the fact that she went through it alone, with no one by her side to explain what she was going through or to encourage her, she would have preferred to continue the pregnancy to term.

Our genuine regret is that we were not in the picture at the time, as we could have prayed and trusted God that He would bring her through with a healthy child, as has happened so many times in the past. Alicia is still traumatized by her experience. After she became pregnant again, God directed her steps to us. Today, after giving birth to a healthy child, she is set up in a rented apartment and continues to receive counsel and support from us; she is no longer alone. Alicia is open to the Gospel and we continue to pray that she will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord and the healing her heart so desperately needs.

An Immigrant Story: Vitali and Natasha

Also in mid-February, 23-year-old Natasha contacted us. She and her husband, Vitali, are new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and have been in Israel about a year. Their story is both sad and fascinating. Vitali is now 29. At the age of 22, he had an accident in a swimming pool, injured his back, and became paralyzed. In some ways his story is similar to the story of Joni Erickson Tada). The couple married a few years ago and decided to immigrate to Israel. Shortly after arriving in Israel, Natasha became pregnant. They were both rejoicing and fearful at the same time. While Israel is a leader in providing support and assistance to disabled people, a plus, such assistance can only help so far. The young couple is alone here, and have realistic concerns for how to face the future. They want to continue the pregnancy and have asked us to pray for them, particularly for Vitali who is also suffering from a severe urinary tract infection (a condition that can be quite serious in paralyzed people). Please pray with us for their salvation, and for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to be met.

Bedouin Update

In October of last year we asked for prayer for Na, from a Bedouin background, who made a decision not to abort following counseling with us. We are regularly in touch with her. She is married and has three children. Na became pregnant with her first child at a very early age when she ran away from the village where she grew up. Na decided against all odds and pressures to keep the pregnancy, to hide from her family, and to continue her life in the big city. We are asking prayer for that child, who today is six years old. He is being “boycotted” and suffering shaming by other children in his kindergarten because of his skin color and background. Residents in the community where they live laugh at him and he is isolated from others his age. This boy is adorable, sweet, very likeable, and doesn’t understand why he is going through this shaming. Please pray for the salvation of the family, and for a breakthrough in their lives and for Na, who still carries the scars of her childhood in the village.

Praise Photos

We don’t always get photos of the babies who are born. That is a choice that the mother usually makes. But, when we do receive a picture, we are happy to share it with you. Attached are photos of two “January” babies: Shai-Li (My Gift –what a wonderful name!); and Emma.

Featured in the Messianic Times

We were very grateful to learn that A Future and A Hope was mentioned in detail in a recent article in the January/February issue of the Messianic Times.

For those of you who don’t know, this is the leading international Messianic Jewish newspaper. The newspaper seeks to provide accurate, authoritative, and current information to unite the international Messianic Jewish community, teach Christians the Jewish roots of their faith, and proclaim that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. They publish a variety of topics about what is really happening in Israel , both the good and the bad.

We would like to thank them for giving us permission to post the article here on our website. Simply click the graphic below to download a PDF of the article and read it.

As usual, we would appreciate your prayers, particularly that we will find new prayer and financial supporters as more people learn of our important work. The need is huge… but thankfully, our God is greater!

Picture of article published in the January/February 2019 issue of teh Messianic Times.

October 2018 Prayer and Praise

Dear praying friends and supporters,

We would like to update you on some of the women we are helping, and share with you some urgent prayer requests.

Many of the women we help come from terrible backgrounds. They have maintained a poor moral lifestyle and practiced sexual promiscuity. Oh how our Lord’s heart must break for them. Rather than judging, we seek to encourage each one, and her husband or boyfriend. We aim to give them life-giving counsel for their child and for themselves, hoping that each one will feel the love of their Messiah and make Him their own. Whatever their choice, we are there for them, when everyone else has left.

Please pray for these precious families below. God has already brought them this far. He is the only one who can continue to meet their needs.

    1. Ok gave birth to a lovely baby girl, C. However, C has been found to be lactose and egg intolerant – a life threatening condition for an infant, so great care must be taken in checking the ingredients for all of her food. The entire family needs prayer as they are undergoing a difficult financial situation; O’s husband was in a car accident a month ago.

    2. R, 36, gave birth to a baby girl a few weeks ago. An immigrant from the Ukraine she married two years ago. Irena is sharing with her about the Lord and R is open and listening (her husband, however, is not open). We prayed for her to receive an ID and status before the birth of her baby, and she received both the week before she was born – Praise the Lord! Now, the family has been told they must vacate their rented apartment within two months. We promised to pray for them to find another appropriate place. Through this situation, may the Lord open her husband’s heart and the entire family come to faith.

    3. V and R are a young couple with a lovely boy. is a newly discharged soldier with no family or relatives in Israel (referred to as a “lone soldier”). Like most women and families receiving support from A Future and A Hope, they have no other circle of support. After being abortion-minded, they counselled with us and made the decision not to abort their unborn child and V gave birth to an adorable boy. They are grateful for all the help they’ve received from us.

    4. O is a young girl who is pregnant, in great distress, and is considering an abortion. She scheduled a meeting with Irena but didn’t arrive and her phone is disconnected. We get many calls like these. We talk and counsel through the phone without knowing what the woman decides. We need prayer for those women who hesitate. Please pray for O that God will enable her to choose life for her child.

    5. Na is in her 30’s and has recently left drugs and prostitution, both of which she has done since she was 14. Na came to us during her first pregnancy 7 years ago, when she wanted to have an abortion. Against all odds, she kept her child and gave birth to a healthy boy. However, she continued in prostitution, although she stopped taking drugs. Throughout that time she kept in touch with us and slowly turned away from prostitution.Na met an older man, became pregnant, and had a second child. She did not consider abortion for a second, as she fully realized that the life growing within her was a child. Na then married the father of her second child. Their financial situation is very bad. Despite that, Na has decided to help women in situations similar to hers, even though she is now in her third pregnancy.
      Na shared with us, “I choose life despite the enormous difficulty.” A month ago her husband had a massive heart attack. He is now having panic attacks and is afraid to leave the house. Now in week 36, Na is faithfully taking care of their baby, her first child, and her husband. She has totally left her previous way of life and has become a devout, faithful, and protective wife and mother. We thank the Lord for her parenting, maturity, and the love she has for her children and husband, despite everything. From a Muslim (Beduin) background, Na is not yet open to Yeshua. Please pray that through this situation she will discover her Savior Yeshua, and have God-given courage to go the next step and believe in Him.

    6. A is a young woman in her 30’s. She has a 6-year-old daughter, a 4-year-old son and a 2‑year-old toddler. A came to us with a sad story. After her husband left for another woman, A discovered she is pregnant by him husband and wanted to abort. After many conversations and encouragement from us, by the Lord’s grace, she decided to keep the pregnancy and has given birth to a boy. Please pray for her. The situation is not simple, taking care of four children under the age of 6. The father is out of the picture, ignoring her needs, and unsupportive. Only the Lord can touch their lives, meet their needs, and heal A’s wounded heart.

    7. Ni is a young woman in her 20’s who came to us 5 years ago. She kept her pregnancy at that time and gave birth to a lovely boy. She returned to us this year, explaining that she is again pregnant and wants to have an abortion. After speaking with her and explaining it to her, she kept her pregnancy and had a girl. Tragically, we have learned that Ni has no emotional awareness and this is evident in her attitude toward her children. They are emotionally abandoned. She simply does not love them. We are in constant communication with her. Hers is another situation where only God’s love can break through. Doing the right thing, without love, is like clanging symbols (I Corinthians 13).

    8. J, 32, is the mother two children, an 8-year-old boy and a 10-year-old-girl. They immigrated from Ukraine two years ago. She was fired from her job the day she found out she was pregnant. While considering an abortion, J providentially found us. She shares, “without your help, I would have aborted.” She is due in November. Please pray that we will have the resources to add her to the First Year of Life program.

    9. Oa, in her 20’s, became pregnant and was considering an abortion. She decided to keep the baby and married the father. She has given birth to a boy and is very happy with her decision and thankful for the support she is receiving from us.

    10. Om, in her 30’s, became pregnant after a one-night-stand. Although she comes from a very religious and unsupportive family, she has decided to maintain the pregnancy. She needs much prayer as we are the only ones standing with her in this decision.

    11. G, 20, came to us with an unwanted pregnancy and a very hard family story. She already has two children and no support or help. We met with her, and provided counselling, encouraging her to keep this precious life despite the difficulties. She is thankful for the help she will receive and has decided to maintain her pregnancy. She is due in October.

    12. U is 18-years-old and single. Thankfully, her parents are very supportive and want her to keep the baby. Hence, they referred U to us. Spiritual battles take on interesting shapes: U’s purse was stolen on her way to her first visit with us and so, she did not come. The second time she planned to visit she fell on her stomach on the way here. Right now she is interested in keeping the pregnancy. Please pray for her and this battle to keep her child.

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