Events Update with Photos

During their trip to the U.S. this summer, Marvin, Orit, and Hanni had a number of opportunities to share about A Future and A Hope in New York and Pennsylvania, with considerable one-on-one counselling. In addition, Marvin and Orit spoke in Poland in September, sharing both the Word of Life and the message of life in different locations. Those who attended the sessions came with attentive ears and receptive spirits.

Hanni shared about her seminars and workshops on shaming and bullying among youth, Orit provided a moving update about mothers who were making courageous decisions for life in the face of daunting circumstances. Marvin spoke about ministry, and also spoke about the need to understand the “big picture” concerning the Middle East conflict. A special event was held in Pennsylvania, to spread the word about this important ministry to encourage choices for life, a future, and a hope in Israel.

Below are a few pictures from the time spent in the US! Enjoy! And thank YOU for your support and encouragement, and for joining us in our vision.

Pennsylvania Event Invitation
Hanni speaking about her shaming and bullying workshops.
Orit sharing some of the stories about women who made courageous decisions for life.

Two babies that were born while we were visiting in the USA.

Marvin speaking in Pennsylvania.
Marvin speaking about the “Big Picture.”
Behind him is part of a map of the Middle East showing the planned partition of the Land under the British Mandate.

Special East Earl, PA Event: Aug. 19, 2019

Rescue Babies from Abortion in Israel

This special event is being hosted by Leon and Joyce Hershey.

You will have the opportunity to hear firsthand from Marvin and Orit Kramer about the abortion situation in Israel. All gifts and offerings will go to support their non-profit organization, A Future and A Hope.

Where: Shady Maple Smorgasbord, East Earl, PA ( In “The Garden Room, back of the right hallway.

When: Monday, August 19, 2019, 5:00-9:00 pm (dinner)

Cost: $19.99 (Seniors – 10% off | Ages 4-10 – 50% off | under age 3 – free)
Pay in the main lobby: go back the right hallway and give your receipt to the hostess and tell her you want to go to “The Garden Room” (room charge has already been paid)

RSVP: Leon & Joyce Hershey
Text or Call: (717) 381-6076

“The Lord willing, see you there!”

Please tell others. Download this poster to give to others.