Giving a Future and a Hope to Our Unborn Children

A Future and A Hope is a non-profit registered organization in Israel, established with the express aim of preventing abortions by providing pregnancy tests, counseling, and realistic options to abortion. Visit the Newsletter Archives page to find out about our latest activities.


Many of the women seeking abortion counseling are struggling with a variety of problems, ranging from marriage and family problems, to handling their new role in society. Some are struggling to leave behind a self-destructive past. Hence, our counseling services are critical component of the help we offer. Always, we seek to point these precious ladies to the One who brings Hope and New Life.

Educating the Public

We believe that knowledge is empowering. Hence, we are thankful for the opportunities provided for our team members to share within the community, in public schools and universities about Godly principles for sexual behavior and birth control. Many of our attendees, after learning what is really involved in an abortion, have chosen life, and become active in telling others why abortion is simply not an option.

First Year of Life

The first year can be the hardest for new mothers facing family pressures, and social and economic challenges. Money is often a tipping point for many. Abortion becomes a consideration because, "I can't afford to have a baby." Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide mothers seeking our counsel and help with all the basic necessities for the first year of life, ranging from diapers and formula, to toys, a crib, and pacifiers.

Meeting Material Needs

Your gift will help with one of our many projects to help women choose for life and give their unborn children a future and a hope. Click to open a new page and choose your preferred currency.

Our Hebrew Site

If you are living in Israel and want to know more, visit our Hebrew website with a full list of our services and activities.

A Decision Women Can Live With

Women and girls perform abortions for many reasons, but what lies behind the decision to abort? Is the decision truly objective? Unplanned pregnancies may lead to serious dilemmas. Family, friends, and the father all give advice. But what does the mother really want? We provide pregnant women with the information they often don't get elsewhere, and provide a listening ear as each mother delves into the issues surrounding pregnancy and abortion. We help them understand the psychological and physical risks involved in abortion and explain their alternatives. The woman, not consultants pushing their own agenda, is encouraged to make a decision she can live with based on facts.

Ultrasound Monitoring

Ultrasound Monitoring

Due to the generosity of our donors, we have our own fetal ultrasound monitor for providing expectant mothers with free ultrasound testing.



We help expectant mothers learn all they need to know and more, for raising their new baby. Many of these women go on to mentor others, and bring them to us for help.

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